How to Make the Perfect Cup of Coffee

a cup of coffeeIn today’s world, we are never too far from a cup of coffee. Whether it’s in your office or the coffee shop across the street, you can always get your fix of caffeine. But usually the office coffee is subpar at best and the coffee shop charges $5.00 for a small. If you want good coffee at a reasonable price, the best way to go is to brew your own.

  • The beans: The most basic necessity for any cup of coffee are the beans use. There are two different types: Arabica and Robusta. Arabica is considered superior due to its low acidity and difficulty to grow. Robusta is easier and cheaper, but has a harsher acidity. Most generic coffee brands used Robusta because of this.
  •  The roast: The roasting of the bean is part what gives it its unique flavor. The amount of heat over time separates them into three different types.
    • Light: Light is, for the most part, what you would expect. It has delicate flavors and a lighter taste; however, it usually contains a higher amount of caffeine, due to a shorter roasting period.
    • Medium: Medium is the most common roast. Used in many breakfast blends, it has a great balance of taste and strength.
    • Dark: What most people consider to be “strong” coffee, it actually has a lower amount of caffeine due to the roasting process. Very bitter, it is often used to make espresso or french press coffee.
    • Blends: A blend is any mixing of different kinds of beans. There is no set kind of “blend,” Each and every one is different. Mixing the beans creates flavors that wouldn’t be possible with only one kind. You can buy pre-made blends or pick any different beans to use together.
  • The grind: In order to make coffee, you usually shoot hot water through coffee grounds. The finer the grinds, the stronger the coffee is. Different kinds of coffee call for different grind sizes. Espresso and Turkish coffee are the finest grinds, almost to the consistency of powder, while drip coffee is very coarse.
  • The drink: There are countless kinds of coffee drinks you can make ranging from straight black to mixing soda, coffee, cream and more. There are a few basics though.
    • Americano: One part espresso and two parts hot water. The taste of espresso in a regular cup of coffee.
    • Latte: Two parts coffee and one part milk. A cup of coffee less harsh than black.
    • Mocha: One part espresso and one part steamed milk with added chocolate drizzle. A sweet and satisfying cup.
    • Cappuccino: One part espresso, one part hot milk and one part steamed milk foam.

Learning and investing in making your own coffee is a great way to save money and enjoy your coffee more.

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