Simple tips to increase counter space at your kitchen

One of the most frequent design requests we see every day is “I want to improve or increase counter space in my new IKEA kitchen”. With a smart IKEA kitchen design, it is possible to make your space work. For a busy cook, lack of a proper work space can really be a nightmare: Where are you going to chop those vegetables? Where are you going to leave those sizzling pots of chili while you wash the dishes? If you’re thinking of changing your kitchen layout, we have some tips to increase your counter space that you probably haven’t considered. Take a look:

How to increase counter space at your kitchen in 5 simple steps:

1. Use multi-purpose, built-in appliances Do you really need that 8-burner gas range if you only have a family of 3? Do you need that microwave sitting on the counter and a separate oven? Why not placing both on a tall cabinet and free up some space? Using multi-purpose appliances such as a convection-microwave oven or a microwave-hood combination will not only save you money, it also save you space both at counters and cabinets. It’s a smart choice. v-2 2. Downsize your sink or dishwasher If you’re leaving in a condo, it may be a good idea to consider a 24″ wide sink or an 18″-wide dishwasher. These are amenities that can increase both storage and counter space. To make them blend in with your kitchen, you could use an undermount or an apron-front sink, such as the DOMSJO sink from IKEA. Or you could use a panel-ready dishwasher and simply use an 18″-wide door front to integrate it with the rest of your kitchen cabinets.


3. Avoid cabinets or appliances sitting on the counter

This basically the same as tip #1, but this also applies to those tall appliance garages or fancy hutch arrangements with glass doors. Sure, they look nice but… Isn’t your counter and work space more valuable? If you need an appliance garage, try to use the back of a corner. That space is hard to reach and wasted most of the time anyway.


4. Use drawers instead of shelves in base cabinets

Drawers store more. Much more. Keep your pans, small appliances and spice jars there, not on the counter. The more you can stash and hide away, the better.


5. Minimize the amount of specialized appliances and dedicated storage

If you have a small kitchen, space needs to be used wisely. Think again: do you really need that huge coffee maker, that stand mixer, the capuccino machine, the panini press, the electric grill and the food processor sitting on the counter at all times? How about that wine cooler, the china cabinet or the linen drawers at your kitchen? Maybe not.

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