Take a Look at This Drool-Worthy Kitchen Design

image-kitchenThe kitchen is the heart of a household. It provides light, warmth, and most of all, food. Kitchens should be comfortable, efficient, and functional. Here is this week’s drool-worthy kitchen design.

Close mouth, mop up drool.

We like to call it ‘Ceramic and Stone’. This kitchen is designed to be open, light, and roomy. The center island is made up of a dining counter, gas stovetop, and the piece de resistance: A built in fireplace. The exhaust hood is modern and sleek, barely drawing any attention, and the sink is situated directly behind the island for easy access. We love the use of natural wood, white enamel, and slate to create a modern cabin atmosphere.

Despite the rustic feel, the appliances are state of the art. Built in refrigeration units in the corner and under sink dishwasher seem to melt into the room, unusually inconspicuous.

The reason that this kitchen was deemed drool worthy was the innovative storage concept. Instead of wall-to-wall cabinetry, the designer opted for shelving. This makes for ease of access and makes the room appear much more open.  This provides relief to the flat stone ceiling’s oppressive closeness.

This is definitely a room to have friends or family over for a nice meal, or perhaps to enjoy the morning paper over coffee and buns. That is, if we can concentrate on the paper. The room is just too pretty to ignore!

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